Impact of Online Education on Students

Remember the days when staying home meant no school? That doesn’t apply anymore. Instead online classes have become the new norm! Thanks to the pandemic and the rise of digitalization. But with every change in norm, the people associated with it do undergo a change in their habits as well. In this article we are discussing the impact of online education on students.

Like every coin has two side,.people benefit and also have to face some cons of online education. Where some students would prefer to learn online because of the reduced hassle in travelling, some others might hate it because of the lack of the socializing factor. But one thing is for sure that online classes are the latest trend in industry and are a huge revolution in the ways education is imparted to learners.

The impact of online education on students can be divided into 2 categories.

  1. Positive impact
  2. Negative Impact

Let’s see few of the most prominent positive impacts of online education on students.

1. Multi-skilled development

Developing new skills is a requirement of today’s competitive job environment. People who have graduated either have the option to attend classes and go to tuitions and develop a new skill. But physical traveling in the unprecedented lockdowns in the country recently has made it very difficult for students to achieve that. And thus, learning new skills is something that’s shifting to the online medium.

Decide what you want to learn and pay for them directly online. Many courses on Udemy are also free. You can learn everything from coding to drawing to singing, writing and even photography. You can get some free courses as well when you sign up. But when there are paid courses that you are interested in, you can get various discounts on Udemy courses by using online coupons. Simply check out what course interests you the most and pay for it using a coupon. Save your money and start learning on a budget: that’s the new mantra to develop a new skill.

2. Increased speed of learning

It is not unknown that learning is very much dependent on your interest in the subject. If you’re really passionate about it, then you’ll develop that skill much faster than if you were forced to do it. Hence people who enjoy learning a particular skill have the freedom to take continuous video sessions at their convenient time and master their skills in less time.

This will enhance students’ knowledge and skills and will make them more eligible to get better jobs in the future.

3. Better organisers

Learning online comes with the need to plan your timetable to finish the course in the stipulated time. Many times these courses have assessments conducted on a periodic basis. Failing to take a particular session might lead to bigger loss than expected. Thus, online learners need to plan their entire day. This instills in them organisational skills as they are not the ones who have to manage everything. In some cases however, students also get help from guides or coaches who help them plan their schedule. Only to make the nether organizers for the future.

Let us discuss three cons or negative impacts of e-learning on learners.

4. Lack of socializing

This is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about studying from home. What about college friends and hang out sessions? Well, learning online means less socializing physically. But on many online portals, you still get the opportunity to socialize with students all over the world digitally. Turns out it is more a pro than a con.

5. Confusion

Students might find a hard time if they’re not probably guided to manage their learning schedule. Provided that one is learning online, it is very important for them to schedule their online classes and also monitor the progress. This can be done by a learner himself/ herself or a tutor/ parent. But if the learner loses track of what they were learning it can eventually become frustrating causing stress and confusion.

6. Pressure

As online learning is so easy, hassle-free, and also very affordable, students feel the pressure to learn to catch up with their peers. They might end up taking courses in diverse fields and later might end up taking a bunch of courses at the same time, which they may not be able to learn effectively.

Usually there’s a lot of pressure from parents and peers. And online learning can become the devil for the students in this case.


Learning is fun. Especially when it’s done from home. But it all depends on how well you manage your schedule around with the new normal. Create a chart for yourself. And try to stick to it as much as you can if you are an online learner. Online learning is only going to benefit people’s lifestyles when done right.

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