iTop Vpn review

You shouldn’t compromise your internet connection’s speed or other characteristics by choosing the right VPN.

Security is essential in this era of increasing internet threats and hackers who are becoming more proficient in intercepting your correspondence to access your private data. Your online identity is easily concealed, and your privacy is maintained with a VPN service.

With ITop VPN, you can access the internet like nobody’s business with a free VPN for Android and Windows. However, iTop free VPN provides the features that other providers of premium VPN don’t.

As a bonus, iTop VPN offers PUBG servers for hardcore gamers along with Netflix, torrents, and other streaming services. In addition, the technology is equipped with military-grade encryption, which is known to be among the finest.

As with many other tools tested so far, iTop VPN has an extremely simple interface. In short, if you use any Free VPN for Windows, you won’t have any problem understanding the interface.

iTop VPN key Features

It knows the features that VPN services offer is important before purchasing one. Investing in a secure internet connection is a smart way to spend your hard-earned money. Below are some of the iTop VPN’s most notable features.

1. 3 modes of connecting

Three different connection modes are available with iTop VPN. If you’re concerned about your privacy, use the Safeguard mode. Security and features are balanced in the Balance mode.

Streaming and gaming are made possible by the Game mode. They are each tailored to a specific set of usage scenarios. Thus, you can pick any one of them according to your needs.

2. Military-grade security

It’s more important that you focus on security rather than unblocking Netflix or any other blocked service in your region. Your connection will never be compromised with the military-grade encryption of iTop VPN.

You can keep your computer secure even if your internet connection is interrupted for any reason with the kill switch.

3. Free US servers

The VPN industry is rife with free services, but not all servers provide servers in the  United States.

Many free VPN providers hesitate to provide free servers in the US due to the high maintenance costs. However, iTop VPN also provides many free US servers.

There are numerous options to choose from, and you can connect at any time you like based on your requirements.

4. iTop Kill switch

Sometimes, a connection issue can occur regardless of how stable your internet is. You may have your details exposed if there is an outage on the internet or when you reset your connection if you do not have a kill switch installed on your VPN.

In the event of an interruption of your VPN connection, the kill switch will automatically disconnect your internet connection. If your internet connection fails, then you won’t have to worry about exposing your privacy.


  • Best Free Vpn
  • It can be used on five different devices
  • With military-grade encryption, users are assured of their privacy.
  • Kill switch
  • Fast speed
  • High-quality security


·  Due to overload, some free servers feel slow

  • Data is limited to 700MB in the free version

iTop Vpn Pricing

In comparison with other VPN providers, the prices are reasonable – and suitable for everyone. There are no restrictions on the number of devices supported for Android, iOS, or Windows.

iTop VPN offers three different plans:

  • 1st: $11.99 monthly
  • 2nd: $41.99 for the six months
  • 3rd: $50.29 for the 12 months (With three months free)

Final words

Any individual who wishes to secure their internet connection without sacrificing speed will find iTop VPN an ideal Free VPN service. Also, it is the best Free VPN for PC.

With iTop VPN, you can access blocked websites, stream video, or get better ticket prices by selecting the region where you want to watch it. Customers’ data is kept safe with iTop VPN.

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