Learn to tile like a pro: Some things to know

Tiles are probably the most important aspect of a bathroom design and remodel. Bathroom tiles not only add style and color but are also an outlet for you to show off your personality. That’s why dealing with professional tiles contractors like Minnesota tile contractors is a must. In short, the laying of the tiles can be done by yourself or managed by a professional. The former is undoubtedly the friendlier budget of the two, but it is also more complicated and time-consuming. Either way, it’s good that you know how to do it. Either for savings or for own purpose. Here we teach you what you must take into account to do it yourself.

Make a plan

The first step in laying your bathroom tiles is to make a plan. Unlike in other rooms, bathroom tiles are used not only for the floor but also for the walls, so you should take that into account for your plan. You must equip yourself with the necessary tools before starting your project. In addition to tiles, some of the tools you will need are a mixer, a tile cutter, and a tape measure.

Recheck tile sizes

Large tiles are sometimes more expensive than small ones, but they can make a small space look bigger. These may also need to be cut to size to fit the exact size of the bathroom. Smaller tiles, on the other hand, are cheaper and easier to fit. Depending on the look you want for the bathroom and your budget, choose a tile size. During the purchase of the tiles; recheck sizes. Most bathroom tiles are sold in centimeters.

Make sure the tiles are positioned correctly

If you are using more than one size tile in the bathroom, first draw the pattern on the cement before installing the tiles. Do not leave out window frames and hard-to-reach niches in your calculation. The tile arrangement on the bathroom floor will also determine the position of the drain.

Pay attention to possible leaks

Waterproofing is a big concern; As long as bathroom tiles cover the walls, a leak may be brewing behind. That is why we must make sure that we check the walls and the floor well before proceeding to place tiles. Apply silicone when you find places where water can seep or patch with cement mix.

Be patient

Be patient, we repeat. Laying tiles is not a quick task. There are going to be mistaken. There will be split tiles. There are going to be some bad posts. We will have to wait for it to dry. We will have to wait until everything is ready. Desperate is not going to make us get the tiles faster. On the contrary, it will make us delay longer due to the ammount of mistakes we are going to make. Let’s not risk our bathroom or our investment out of despair.

Are you ready to do it yourself? Thank you for reading!

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