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YouTube to Mp3 converter, online video conversion to Mp3 music download

Some time ago, a friend happened to ask me: How do I download YouTube music and put it on my computer? Because he needs music when making videos, and the soundtrack of some YouTube videos happens to be what he needs. In fact, we have previously introduced a lot of Internet services or free software to meet this demand, and it is quite simple, for example: Peggo online recording of YouTube videos, download to MP3 or MP4 and other formats , or through 4K YouTube to MP3 to convert online videos to Music downloads and so on.

If you don’t want to install or download additional software, open the YouTube to Mp3 converter and paste the video link to easily convert it. This service is a very simple video conversion service that can download YouTube music after it is captured , No need to create an account, all conversions are performed at least at 128kBit/s high quality, each conversion takes about 3 to 4 minutes, if it is off-peak, it can be completed immediately, the conversion effect is not bad.

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After turning on the YouTube to Mp3 converter, copy and paste the video link. The format of YouTube’s video link is quite fixed. It is probably watch?v= followed by a series of video links. If you use the Firefox browser, you can also consider downloading and installing the YouTube to Mp3 converter add-on (installation links are provided on the homepage of the website).

After pasting the video link, click the “Convert Video” button below.

YouTube to Mp3 converter, online video conversion to Mp3 music download


When the “Video successfully converted to Mp3” is displayed, the title, thumbnail and length of the video you converted will be displayed. After confirming that there is no problem, click the “Download” link below to download the Mp3 file! Is it very simple and convenient?

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