Modern Wardrobe Ideas For The Bedroom

A bedroom is the most exclusive personal space in a house where a person tends to spend nearly eight hours of his/her day. A bedroom is very close to one’s heart as it would have seen most of an individual’s happiness and sorrows. All these factors make them extra special. Furniture and other items that are organized in a bedroom vary depending on one’s personal choice, taste, wants and socioeconomic status. All these factors reflect one’s personality as these make the bedroom uniquely different from the other.

In order to have a more relaxed mind with positive thoughts, a bedroom has to be well furnished. The wooden furniture for the bedroom is the one that accentuates the overall look, and it also solves all the storage problems. It creates a decluttered room effect by satisfying all the requirements of an individual with sufficient cabinets. However, one should choose wardrobes with a good design and style to make the bedroom interior mesmerizing beautiful.

Types of Modern Wooden Wardrobes

Wooden wardrobes are considered as the premium quality of material for a wardrobe and will impart a chic look to any home interior. The trendy types of wooden cupboards that are widely available in today’s world are:

  • Walk-in Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe is ideal for people who are fashion freaks and into ultimate luxury. It has more storage space to accommodate all their accessories and clothing attires. It generally requires more space and has hanging space and fitting shelves. Besides, these all-walk-in wardrobes can be used in any house as a partition and can also be creatively installed to decorate various rooms with one’s favourite belongings.

  • Sliding Wardrobes

A sliding wardrobe is one that has a door that slides to open and close. It is the most widely sold pattern in the current scenario, relatively a little higher in cost. It eliminates the need to open the doors outwards and saves that space in one’s bedroom. This is the most sophisticated option that poses a luxurious and modern outlook.

  • Free-standing Wardrobes

This is the most commonly found traditional kind of wardrobe that is easy to move around and is considered versatile at all times. It has sufficient storage space, unlike all other wardrobes, and hence it is regarded as the classic style. It has either a two-door and three-door option, and these have a hanging rod with an open shelf. The organza 4 door wardrobe is an ideal free-standing wardrobe that is relatively massive. It is provided with drawers to place accessories and shoes.

Diverse Patterns Of Modern Wooden Wardrobes

Besides the kinds of wardrobes available in the market, there are also wood patterns that create a massive difference in the room’s entire outlook. They are:

  • Cool shades

The wardrobes with subtle colours fall under this category and form a contemporary style to all the wardrobes. These shades generally are more appealing to the eyes and liked by a vast population. It also makes the room look bigger than its original size and is ideal for an apartment.

  • Mute shades

These are mostly grey and beige undertones that come under the mute shades, and these are very subtle and liked by classy people. They do not grab attention and mostly go well with light colour floorings.

  • Herringbone design

This is the most stylish pattern that is very classy and subtle at the same time. It instantly pleases the person with its eye-catching pattern and is made in all colours and wood.

  • Double shades

This pattern is used only on huge wooden wardrobes as the design needs more area to impart the design. Moreover, an ample space gives the designer the freedom to play with the colours and create innovative patterns. Here two shades of the same colour or two contrasting colours are used to create a very contrasting look that makes them more vibrant to look.

Advantages In Choosing Organza 4 Door Wardrobe

The benefits of choosing an organza 4 door wardrobe over the others are:

  • It has four doors, thereby giving more room for various things to be stored inside it.
  • The dimensions of this wardrobe are comparatively more significant than the other wooden wardrobes, which makes it worthwhile to buy and use. It measures 71.5 inches x 63 inches x 18.6 inches.
  • This wardrobe has 9 inbuilt shelves, with 2 big drawers and a 30-inch-long hanger rod.
  • It is pretty heavy, making it very durable and long-lasting, making them less prone to weather conditions and external damage factors. It weighs roughly around 135 kgs, much heavier than most of the wooden wardrobes in the commercial market.
  • When placed, this wardrobe is door delivered with free shipping and assembled with carpenters who also have charged nothing.
  • This wooden wardrobe has one year warranty and is always made of the most affordable and sturdy engineered wood.
  • This has two options of with and without a mirror. The wardrobes with a full-length mirror on their door will make the bedroom look more prominent than its actual size.  Mirrors will create a trendier outlook.
  • The wardrobe is made of Columbian walnut shade that is a pleasant brown, appealing to a considerable population.
  • The price of this wooden wardrobe is very reasonable and is value for money when taking into account all the features it offers.
  • One can purchase this with an EMI option and be returned quickly with their return policy within 3 days of delivery if there is any damage.

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Final Thoughts

A modern wooden wardrobe has to be aesthetically acceptable by everyone with all its primary functionalities: the storage requirement. Therefore, in order to create a dream wardrobe of one’s choice that is also trendy to suit the current fashion, one has to list down the allocations in space and storage capability initially and then draw a clear picture. Staying stylish with all the previously discussed functionalities is what makes the cupboard versatile. Wakefit offers a wide variety of modern wooden wardrobes apart from the organza 4 door wardrobe like the tartan 2 or 3 door wardrobe and plaid 4 door wardrobe. Based on the wants and taste preference, choose the cabinet that will satisfy your needs.

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