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Millions of people travel to Dubai on business deals or tourist trips for the enchanting environment of the city. Dubai has the best road networks all over the world. So, if you’re not accustomed to heavy traffic and busy roads, driving in Dubai can be difficult. Also, if you’re not used to public transportations, then there is another option for you. You can rent a car in Dubai. It can save you money, time, and it’s safe and comfortable also.

In Dubai, car Rental Company, such as rent a car dubai, offer car rental services for a specific time. But before renting a car, you must fulfil some requirements. Then you can get car rental services. So, here we’ll help you know the overall guideline for renting a car in Dubai through this article. Well, you need to follow the below guide to rent a car in Dubai.

Minimum age

Your age has to 18 years or above to drive in Dubai. In addition, there is a legal obligation that your age have to 21 years if you rent a car. Certain car rental companies have set a limit of minimum age, and that is 25 years for certain vehicles like expensive cars.

Choose a trustworthy company for car rental
In Dubai, there are so many car rental companies. So, before making a decision, you need to research the company. Also, you need to check their reviews and get complete knowledge about them. Check the rules, laws and policies, and the company’s terms and condition for renting a car in Dubai.

Choose which service you need

In Dubai, car rental companies offer long-term or short-term car rental services. Short-term include daily and weekly services. And long term includes monthly and yearly services. Now according to which service you need you can rent a car in Dubai.

Select a car

From luxurious to cheap, you get all types of cars from car rental companies in Dubai. You can choose any from them and enjoy the ride. Renting a car in Dubai is affordable. So, select a car which you can afford.
Required documents
If you want to rent a car in Dubai, you need to fulfil some requirements. You have to present some required documents to the company. But, required documents are separate for tourists and residents for car rental in Dubai. For residents, the required documents are-

⦁ Residential visa copies
⦁ Passport copies
⦁ Valid driving license copy
⦁ Emirates ID copy (front and back)
On the other hand, Tourists also need to submit the following documents-
⦁ Visiting visa copy
⦁ Passport copy
⦁ International driving permit
⦁ Copy of home country driving license

Insurance policy in Dubai

Before renting a car, you need to check the insurance policies. Check the interior and exterior of the car to make sure that there is no damage before you leave the premises. Also, make sure that you are not renting the damaged car by someone else. Most Dubai car rental companies provide insurance policies that consider car accidents, damage, and more.

Security deposit

You have to deposit an amount of money as a security deposit. Security deposit is the provision of money that the company keeps until the car is returned.

Payment of fees or fines

A widely used electronic portal for collecting fees in Dubai is Salik. It includes the final invoice. Moreover, you have to return the car to the state you’ll take it. If there’ll have any damage after renting the car, you have to pay fines. And you also have to pay a fine if you break the traffic rules by overtaking any vehicle or overspeeding.
Well, this is how you’ll get car rental services. So, follow the guideline if you want to rent a car in Dubai.

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