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One of the latest issues in people’s lives is transferring and sending money from one location to another. The difficulties like the crisis and Covid-19 made this point bolder than before. However, with daily improvements in technology, currently the global community is facing different platforms that are providing users with online money transfer services. In this regard, we want to write about paysend, as one of the popular online platforms in this sphere; know about its features and how users can send money with this app.

Paysend & Its Features

As mentioned before, paysend is an online platform with an ability to transfer and send money internationally and provide its users with special services. Currently, users can transfer their money by this platform to more than 90 countries in the world. Before customers make any payments and transfer, paysend is showing the exchange rates, transfer fees and amount that recipient will receive; in this case everything is under the control of the customers. Additionally, the transfer methods with paysend are different and users are able to choose any option that is more suitable for them; make a transfer by bank or card accounts, or with a mobile number by Paysend link. Should be noted that the transfers will complete instantly and in some seconds, however in case of any difficulties and issues, the customer service of this platform 24/7 are able to help any user from anywhere.

How to Send Money with Paysend 

Beside all features and services that are mentioned above about paysend, the important points for users to know is how they will be able to send and transfer money by this platform. For transferring money with paysend, firstly users should download its app on their smartphone, it is available in App store, Google store and Huawei app gallery. When users enter their account by sign in on the platform, (or sign up if they don’t have an account), they will need to write the amount that they want to transfer and select the sender and receiver country. Then by entering the recipient details like card number, card expiry date and full name, users will be able to provide the payment. Should be noted that paysend already showed the transfer fees and amount that recipient will receive. In step of making a payment, paysend is allowing users to use the credit or debit cards; they will need to enter their card number, expiry date and CVV code. In the last step, when users will select the send option, the platform will send them 5 digit codes on users phone for verification, after that the transfer will happen as fast as possible.


Definitely, in current difficult times, the Paysend platform and its services, can be a huge solution for people around the world. With simple steps for sending money with this platform, users can be comfortable especially in times of difficulties.

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