Personal Statement Qualities and Skills You Should Have

When you are in middle school, you will hardly think about the creation of your personal statement. A person might need it only if parents want their child to study in another town and the school demands recommendations. College committees, HR managers, and employers often deal with CVs. Personal statements help them select the best candidates out of the existing ones. It is a bad idea to hire or entrust responsible tasks to a Mr or Mrs. X.

Bosses and colleges want to have the best staff. Your personal statement helps them to accept or decline your application as an employee or a student. What does an impressive personal statement include? Professional academic writers from a custom personal statement writing service provides tips and tricks to let you surpass expectations.

What Should I Include in My Personal Statement?

You must know what college or chosen profession offers and demands from you. People often cannot cope with tasks because they have not learned the requirements of their future occupation. Then, it is necessary to read the application form to find out what information to provide. Some colleges and employers want to know almost everything about their candidate including hobbies, volunteering, preferences in movies and music, food choice, names of pets, etc.

The first rule for a candidate is not to lie in a personal statement. Rich imagination is a good quality for future writers and artists, but not in this case. One can successfully promote oneself but fail because all secrets become explicit. So, your personal statement should have three basic things.

Explain your choice

If you want to enter a college, you should explain your choice to the committee. It must not be just “because.” Say what a good student you will be due to your talents. 

Show that you know what you are doing

It will be hard to become a surgeon if you know nothing about the body. Your task is to manifest how aware of the subject/ occupation you are. Employers and headmasters hate wasting time on people who know nothing about the specialty. 

Advertise yourself

Your task is to stand out. Racers drive fast to manifest their talent and compete with rivals. Your job is to express your talents on a sheet of paper to overtake other candidates.

It is also important not to overdo it. One should better avoid expressions like “I am the best of the best” or “I am smarter than anybody else”. A person should stress talents trying not to show off. You risk becoming an upstart who will never be good at teamwork or leadership. 

Information to Present in Personal Statement: Skills and Qualities

A person needs to present both personal qualities and skills when creating a personal statement. Personal qualities describe you as a person (hard-working, polite, so on). Personal skills can be of two types:

  • soft (how you work in a team);
  • hard (what things you have and can do to become the best student/ employee).

Why do employers want to learn about your traits of character? The reason is simple – humans are not machines. Each profession demands certain personal skills. For example, the FBI and CIA almost never hire extroverts and gentle persons because they might reveal secrets. Introverts and cool individuals might be bad teachers because children like open-hearted and sincere tutors. You should also think about whether the chosen job or college will suit you as a personality or not.

Soft and hard skills introduce your professional talents. Can you type fast? Do you have the required education? Were you a class monitor or hiding in your hoodie in college and school years? Do you speak foreign languages? Do you know how to use computers and Microsoft Office programs? So, it is essential to mention both soft and hard skills.

What Skills and Qualities One Requires in the XXI century

We have conducted research to find out the list of the most essential soft skills and qualities a person should introduce in a personal statement in the XXI century.

  • Interpersonal Skills

Today, one needs to be a team-builder and effectively collaborate with others. A person should be ready to solve conflicts, convince others, make decisions, show empathy, and be a good communicator. Leaders encourage their teams to work harder and become better even in a distance. Assistants of leaders take responsibilities and help in long-term planning. So, you should mention that you can be useful as a leader or/and an assistant.

  • Goal-Orientation

Students and employees compete trying to become better and achieve more. Sometimes, it is necessary not to compete but to bring the desired results. Team-building helps to distribute tasks, consider an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and collaborate to make a profit, win a game, and be useful for the employer or college. If a person is self-centered, a boss will never benefit. Egoists promote themselves and might ruin the reputation of the company.

  • Self-education and a growth mindset

It is never late to learn new things. An employer or college committee wants to have people who never give up and are ready to educate themselves under any circumstances. People with a growth mindset always try to become better professionals by killing stereotypes and boundaries. 

  • Creativity

Unique solutions are valuable for any profession. You should give samples of your original approaches to problem-solving. 2021 provides a lot of challenges. You need to convince the reader that you are ready to face and cope with them.

  • Flexibility 

It is necessary to be adaptive to changes and manage time to perform many tasks qualitatively. 

To the most demanding hard skills belong computer awareness, business analysis, analytical reasoning, selling, affiliate marketing, writing, and customer service. 

The last thing to consider is the format of your paper. It must be well-structured and logical. The best variant is to look through sample personal statements to know the requirements. Language is also to be corresponding without colloquialisms. It is a good idea to scan a paper using grammar checkers to correct mistakes and improve readability.

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