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Pick different flowers for different rooms (a)

Nowadays, flowers have become an everyday part of our lives, and more and more people are raising flowers at home. Raising flowers can not only cultivate the sentiment, but also have a beneficial effect on health. However, most people choose to raise flowers in the house without serious understanding of their own preferences, which is a very bad practice. Like sending flowers to China, flower gardening is a small thing, but there is a lot to learn about it. Different types of flowers tend to be suitable for different functions of the room, some flowers can be kept, some flowers can not be kept, let’s learn about it!

Living room flower selection skills

Living room is an important embodiment of a home, home from work every day to open the door, the first to see is certainly the living room. The living room is a relatively large area, can choose a wide range of plants.

Selection skills.

  1. Choose according to the decoration style

Living room flowers should be selected and decorated in line with the style of plants, otherwise it will look out of place. For example: the traditional Chinese style optional Brazilian wood, lily of the valley, etc., modern minimalist wind optional bamboo taro, lotus flower, etc..

2、Choose according to the orientation of the living room

Different orientation of the living room, in the choice of plants will be different. South-facing living rooms are well lit, so choose more flowers, such as Milan, longevity flowers, etc.; north-facing living rooms are poorly lit, so choose more leafy green plants, such as tortoise-backed bamboo, a leaf orchid, etc.

3、Choose according to the size of the living room

Large living room space, it is recommended to place some large green plants next to the TV, sofa, such as happiness tree, ficus, rubber tree, etc.; small and medium-sized living room, it is recommended to choose low plants, such as golden diamonds, pocket coconut.

Selection taboos.

  1. Don’t pick plants with the same height

Although the living room space is large, but raising flowers can not be haphazardly stacked. A good layout of space, pay attention to the height of the staggered, the best choice is: a large plant as the main character, with a relatively short potted plants around.

  1. Don’t pick moisture-loving plants (especially next to appliances!)

Large appliances are usually placed in the living room, such as TVs, air conditioners, etc.. Next to these appliances can not raise wet flowers, or in the watering of plants, appliances are easy to moisture, will reduce the service life.

Bedroom flower selection skills

The bedroom is a place where people sleep and rest, but also the area where we stay at home for the longest time. Want to raise flowers in the bedroom should pay extra attention: improper selection, may affect the quality of sleep.

  • Selection techniques.

1, bedroom flowers as small as possible

In the bedroom to raise flowers should choose small potted plants. Room space is not much, it is best not to raise too many potted plants, so as not to plant too much at night and we compete for oxygen.

2, choose the flowers that help you sleep

Bedroom suitable for raising bergamot, mugwort and mosquito repellent grass, etc., can emit a light fragrance, calming and tranquilizing effect; can raise longevity flowers, have the effect of carbon dioxide absorption at night.

3、Select plants with antiseptic effect

The bedroom is suitable for raising lemon trees and stonecrop, has the effect of sterilization; can be raised turtleback bamboo, tiger orchids, a leaf orchid, aloe vera, hanging orchids, etc., has the effect of purifying the air and adsorbing dust.

  • Selection taboos.

1, do not raise the fragrance of too strong flowers

Bedroom can not keep the fragrance of too strong flowers, such as lilies, orchids and pine plants, smell for a long time easy to make people’s nerves too excited, leading to insomnia at night and even headaches.

2, do not raise flowers that are not good for the body

Bedroom also do not choose plants that tend to induce aggravation of the disease, such as nightshade and lilac, will make patients with high blood pressure feel uncomfortable. In addition, it should be noted that: the pollen of zinnias tend to induce asthma.

For reasons of space, that’s all for today, we’ll follow up with the rest. After reading this article, I think we will all consciously pick different potted plants according to different rooms by ourselves, right? I hope the article can be helpful to you, thanks a lot.

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