The Best Professional Qualifications to Obtain From the UK 

There are many professional qualifications that can be highly beneficial for your career development. These qualifications vary from country to country. However, some of the most reputable qualifications come from the UK. Universities in the UK are known for having a high number of international students. This article will discuss some of the options for qualifications you can obtain in the UK, some of which you are able to access online without having to travel to the UK.

Bachelor’s and master’s Degrees

One of the most popular degrees to obtain are UK bachelor’s and master’s. These are popular due to the high level of skill needed to obtain this professional qualification. Honour’s degrees are thought to be some of the hardest qualifications to obtain. Moreover, Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge are two of the most reputable educational facilities in the world. Although these are highly desirable degrees, you most often have to travel to the UK to take them at university. If travelling is not an option, perhaps you can consider some of the following qualifications. 

HNDs and HNCs 

HND meaning Higher National Diploma is a level 5 qualification. This is the higher level qualification to the HNC meaning Higher National Certificate. Both of these qualifications originate from the UK. They were first designed as an option to take after you finish school and college. They can give you practical skills which will allow you to specialise in a particular career path. They can also be taken as part of a degree. For example, many choose to study the HND and top the qualification up to a degree with only 1 final year at university.

HNDs and HNCs have become popular in a multitude of other countries and can be used for a variety of jobs. You can take HNDs online too, this means that you do not have to travel to the UK. 


Furthermore, the NVQ meaning National Vocational Qualification is a popular UK course. These are practical work based qualifications which were first created in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The purpose of this qualification is the fact that the learning is carried out in a workplace rather than a traditional classroom learning qualification. This allows individuals to learn practical skills that can give them experience to start working straight away. Furthermore, this type of UK qualification is desirable in many other countries. 

Final Words 

This article has discussed some of the best professional qualifications that you can obtain in the UK. Many of these you can study online in overseas countries. Others you may have to travel to the UK. However, they are all recognised in other countries as being highly reputable qualifications and could help you develop your career. Some of the most reputable universities in the UK include Oxford and Cambridge whereby many students overseas travel for the first class education. Getting a degree from Oxford or Cambridge is thought to be one of the best qualifications in the world. 

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