Top Backyard Landscaping Ideas 

If you are in Colorado, there’s no denying that creativity can pay off for your Denver landscape design. No matter where you are, we all know the importance of selecting the right plants, trees, and flowers for your yard, but there are many innovative ways to craft the perfect outdoor space. Homeowners all over have taken landscape design to the next level by incorporating a variety of features, like waterfalls or fire pits, to get the most of their space.

But no two yards should ever look the exact same. Your landscape design should reflect your needs, taste, and of course, budget. To help inspire your next outdoor project, here are some of the most creative and top backyard landscaping ideas.


Designing a water feature is one of the most popular ways to add a splash of life to your garden or yard. From waterfalls, pools, ponds, or even streams, there’s a lot you can do with water to revitalize your space.


 Sustainability is an important factor to consider when designing your outdoor space. Sustainable landscaping is good for the environment and your property by reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides, increasing biodiversity, and conserving water and other natural resources. Using native plants, trees, and flowers is one way to make your property more sustainable. It also can save you on overall costs since these plants are designed to thrive in your local environment and weather conditions.


Ideal for areas with a dry climate, rock gardens are an excellent way to beautify your yard without any water. What’s also nice is that most rock gardens are far less expensive than the traditional type since you won’t have to worry about buying fertilizer or replacing any flowers on a seasonal basis.

If you’ve decided on implementing a rock garden, the next question becomes: what types of rocks will you use? You should consider both aesthetics and porosity. The rocks you select should fit with the overall design style and certain types of rocks will weather better than others. Creating a porous surface, which refers to the ability of the surface to absorb liquids like rain and snow, can help preserve your property by preventing runoff and flooding.


If rocks aren’t your thing, there are countless other types of gardens to flourish throughout your property. In lieu of a traditional garden, many are opting for succulent gardens that require far less maintenance and provide vibrant color throughout the year. Succulents can add color to any local climate, and with so many unique varieties, you’ll have no difficulty implementing the look and design you want. Additionally, most succulent plants are small so you can easily manipulate rows of them or use them as features alongside larger plants or trees to craft a garden of any size or shape.


Decks have been a key feature of landscape design for as long as we can remember. These spaces function as an effective segue between your indoor and outdoor spaces and can be made from a variety of materials. While wood, like cedar or pine, have been traditional favorites, decks can also be designed using composite materials and composite lumber. It’s important to consider the local climate, such as precipitation levels and humidity, to determine the right materials for your deck project.


For those truly dedicated to their flowers and vegetables, a greenhouse of any size could be the ideal addition to your backyard space. A greenhouse allows you to get an early start on the growing season and easily adapts to the warmer months by opening windows. While many of us may consider a greenhouse to be a massive project, you can truly design these to fit any property or space.


When installed safely and properly, a fire pit can be the perfect way to bring some heat to your landscape design. A fire pit can serve as an ideal centerpiece for your yard, encouraging people to pull up a chair and enjoy the warmth. These features are especially valuable in colder climates so you can enjoy your yard throughout the year.

It’s easy to purchase any type of fire pit that fits perfectly with your style and taste. Many homeowners even opt to dig out their own, although you definitely want a plan in place before you start digging. Fire pits should be kept a safe distance from other landscaping features and buildings. But once it’s set up, it’s definitely time for s’mores.


Adding the comforts of an indoor space to your yard is quickly becoming a popular trend in landscape design. With or without a deck, you can easily incorporate the comforts of home with comfortable lounge chairs and tables. To take it to the next level, some people are even bringing entertainment options, like television or Wi-Fi, to the backyard. Having an entertainment space in your yard is especially appealing for those warmer summer months. Who wouldn’t want to throw in a fire pit and curl up to your favorite show or movie while relaxing underneath the stars?


If a fire pit isn’t enough heat for you, many people are taking the entire kitchen outside. Backyard kitchens have grown in popularity as it allows for a dynamic range of cooking options while you get to enjoy your outdoor space. Often complemented with a grill or a cooker, an outdoor kitchen can revolutionize your dining and cooking experience. Some homeowners may opt for a dedicated grilling space while others include countertops and other features to recreate the entire kitchen experience.


An effective landscape design has several components and it’s really about making them all work in harmony and balance. Whether you plan to install a rock garden, water feature, shade plants, or a fire pit, there are so many ways to make the most of your outdoor space. What’s most important is to find and implement a design that fits with your local climate, personal taste, and budget.

Working with a professional landscape design firm in Denver can help unlock the potential of your yard by offering ideas and an individualized plan that works for you. Regardless of how you design your landscape, we hope it becomes the ideal setting for enjoying your time outside with those you care about.

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