5 Common Reloading Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid

Reloading firearms is a popular hobby among most serious shooters. Shooters prefer reloading because it is more practical and boosts the control of the firearm. Also, it allows you to experiment with different brands, tools, and ingredients, totally customizing ammunition for an accurate shooting style.

However, you could face some common mistakes that many shooters usually experience. These mistakes make it difficult to shoot the firearm accurately and these could lead you to some serious situations that you’ve never expected.

While even experienced shooters make mistakes, newcomers are more likely to make many mistakes with their reloading, so investing in a good reloading manual that offers comprehensive information to avoid reloading mistakes is a great idea. If you want to get your exact reloading manual, jump into the Reloading Manual of xxl-reloading.

Although some of these mistakes can be very dangerous to shooters, with proper actions these mistakes are quite avoidable. Let’s look at 5 common reloading mistakes that you can easily avoid.

Powder Charge Mistakes

The first common mistake is loading the cartridge with the wrong powder or too much extra powder. If the wrong powder is loaded into the cartridge, or if one case is filled with too much extra powder, the result could create a disastrous situation where a firearm blows up. To avoid these mistakes, carefully inspect each cartridge to ensure that it contains the same amount of powder as the others. Another piece of advice is to keep the powders separate and well-labeled if you’re loading multiple types of cartridges.

Poor Casing

The use of a poor or bad casing is the next common mistake in reloading weapons. Using a bad casing, whether it’s cracked, dented, or the wrong size is a bad idea. Gases will be able to leave the cartridge if there is a breach in the casing, which could hurt the shooter. In the worst-case situation, the cartridge could entirely split open, causing serious damage to your firearm. To prevent this type of mistake, inspect each case completely before using it to hand load ammunition.

Primer Seating

In reloading your firearm, the two things might easily go wrong when inserting the primer into the cartridge. The primer will poke out the back end of the cartridge if it isn’t seated deeply enough. Primers are quite sensitive, so if it pokes out much further, you risk a cartridge being ignited early. However, if the primer sticks out too much, it may prevent the weapon’s cycling. Because some of the primers will be crushed if it is pressed too deep into the casing, it may become even more susceptible, if it is placed too deeply. It could also make shooting and cycling the weapon difficult. 

So, inspect the cartridge after you’ve put the primer in to avoid making this mistake. It should be just below the back of the casing’s surface, but not too far down.

Projectile Seating

When inserting the bullet into the cartridge, it is possible to insert it too far or too little. If the projectile isn’t placed correctly, it might damage the weapon’s action or barrel. When you look for the solution to the mistake, ensure that you are accurately directing the projectile into the seat and double-checking it after it has been crimped.

Crimping Errors

The last common mistake is either crimping the casing too much or too little. If the casing is crimped too tightly, the firearm may have trouble cycling. It causes a bulge in the cartridge, consequently, it gets stuck in the chamber while trying to enter. The projectile may pull out of the casing if the case isn’t crimped tightly enough, causing problems with loading and cycling the firearm. To prevent this, create a method for crimping and inspecting ammunition once it has been crimped.

On the bottom line, reloading is a great experience, especially if you enjoy the technique and the money savings over buying ready-made bullets. However, there are many things you should fully grasp and learn in this instance to avoid typical mistakes that could put you in danger. So, when reloading your firearm, keep the above tips in mind and go over your reloading manual once before each reloading process.

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