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Canada New Tenant Gift Baskets Ideas

Changing the house and moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful and tiring for most people. There are many house shifting chores to worry about, from unpacking the boxes to turning the vacant house into a home. In these unfavorable times, a good and passionate Canadian Real Estate Agent makes sure that their new tenants feel at ease in their new home. The best way to boost the tenants’ experience is by giving them gift baskets. 

 Gift baskets are fun and easy. These are so versatile that you can include anything in them without putting in a lot of effort. The best option is to choose a perfect online store that ships all over Canada and has loads of unique gift baskets collection. If you’re looking for a reliable gift baskets store, you got very lucky today as is offering crazy discounts on gift baskets with free shipping over $99. Just visit to see the fantastic Welcome Gift Baskets Collection. But if you are still unsure of what gift basket you should choose, we have few ideas for you:

1. Snacks Gift Basket:

Snacks are undoubtedly the most needed item when the tenants just moved to a new house. Because hauling and unpacking boxes makes them hungry, and since the kitchen is still packed, snacks are the only thing that can help. A basket full of snacks is every new tenant’s dream, and they will love you for it.

2. Spa Gift Basket:

After moving to a new house, your client most probably needs some relaxation and me-time to exclude the fatigue. Keeping that in mind, A spa gift basket is the best gift for them. So they can experience the luxury of a spa in the comfort of their new home.

3. Candy Gift Baskets:

Everyone loves candies. Their sweetness refreshes both mind and soul. A new house filled with new inhabitants needs something sweet to create an air of celebration. As a realtor, you can make your new tenants’ experience more festive by giving them a candy basket filled with all the sweet and tangy goodness.

4. Wine Gift Baskets:

There is no better housewarming gift than a good wine. Wines are perfect for new tenants, so they can sit back and enjoy their time at their new home. Since wines are every adult’s favorite gift, they are a sure way of making you their favorite realtor as well.

5. Chocolate Gift Baskets:

When everything else fails, Chocolates always stand by! Chocolates are one of the most loved presents in the entire world. It symbolizes love, care, and celebration. You can never disappoint anyone by giving them a basket full of chocolates. Also, the best thing about the Chocolate Gift Baskets is the variations. You can find different kinds of chocolate gift Baskets at the Gift stores.

6. Flower Gift Baskets:

Every home needs the scent of fresh flowers, be it old or new. A gift basket loaded with fresh flowers is a treat on its own and works best as welcome gifts for the new tenants. You can pick any flower, but Roses and Lillies are the most popular flower gift baskets. Just make sure to order it from a reliable gift store that provides fresh flower gift baskets so it won’t ruin your impression on the new tenants. 

Final Note: 

We understand that deciding what to gift someone is difficult, especially if you have no idea about their preferences.  But being an estate agent, this is also part of your job as it improves client-realtor relation and helps in achieving client satisfaction as well. For the gift selection problem, the gift basket is the easiest solution. These were just a few of the gift basket ideas, but you can customize your own depending on your client’s preference. 

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