Five strategies to protect your credit card details

Do you use your credit card to pay for online purchases? We reveal 5 ways to protect your data against cybercriminals.

The Bank of Spain pointed out that in 2017, 592,000 fraudulent operations were registered with credit cards issued in Spain, for a total of 40 million euros. Taking into account the number of cards that exist in Spain and the operations carried out with each of them, these figures indicate that, on average, there is one fraudulent operation per year for every 100 cards, for an amount of 68 euros.

How to shield your data?

Criminals have perfected their strategies to steal cards, so that duplicate cards are no longer confined exclusively to ATMs, but are spreading to the Internet. If you access a malware-infected website and enter your banking information, it will pass into the hands of hackers. The good news is that if you take extra precautions, you can keep your bank details safe.

Verify that the store where you are going to buy is safe. Never enter your credit card details on a website that does not inspire confidence. Verify that the address in the browser begins with https: // and that it has the symbol of a closed padlock, which indicates that it is secure.

Do not enter your PIN. To carry out the transaction, online merchants will only ask for your credit card number, its expiration date and the security code found on the back, but they will never ask for your PIN number. Now online platforms provide you that PIN or CVV number. Buy it from reliable CVV Shop.

Never carry out transactions connected to a public network. Public Wi-Fi networks are not secure enough to protect the information you share on the Internet. Anyone with a minimum of computer skills can connect to your computer and steal your data easily.

Do not save your credit card details. Online stores usually save certain data about the transaction, such as your name, surname and the products purchased, but they do not usually save the credit card data. In any case, if the store offers the possibility of saving this data for your next purchase, it would be better not to do so because, although it is more convenient, it also represents an additional risk. In addition, it is convenient that you deactivate the autocomplete function of your browser since this data will not be stored on your computer.

Keep your antivirus and operating system updated. Most computer programs have vulnerabilities; In other words, failures in the system that put the security of the information at risk, facilitating the way for hackers. Antivirus and operating system updates often include patches to address these vulnerabilities and provide an extra dose of protection. That is why it is essential that you always install the updates, both on your computer and on your smartphone.

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Finally, in case your card has been stolen, the first step is to inform your bank to cancel it. If you have home insurance that includes coverage for fraudulent use of credit cards, you must also notify your insurer of what happened.

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