How You Can Up Your Business Card Game

Imagine that you met an important business connection during a conference. You only have a brief opening for interaction before both of you go your separate ways. There is only so much you can stay that will be different from whatever 30 other people they are surrounded by are saying.

You decide to hand them your business card, exit gracefully and hope it was enough. Now put yourself in the shoes of the business connection and ask yourself what about your business card will make it stand out among the many others. Anything?

Why Business Cards are Important

Often, we are so focused on the bigger things that we forget to pay attention to the smaller but equally important details in a professional interaction. You can probably think of a few instances where you never got in touch with someone because their business card was not memorable. 

Business cards are one of the most significant representations of your brand and professional image. And yet, people continue to choose the same boring designs for them.

Your business card can:

  • Capture attention through at least 4 senses.
  • Give a clear image of the brand personality.
  • Be crisp and clear.
  • Include only important details.

As long as your business card excels on these four factors, it will capture the receiver enough for them to at least get in touch. After that, it is all up to you. Your business card is your foot in the door to opportunity.

How You Can up Your Business Card Game

The key to improving your business is partnering with a business card printer offering you the right variety. Following are some of the major things you need to discuss with your designer/printer to achieve the perfect results.

  • Choose the Right Base and Texture

Choosing the right base and texture of your business card is important. The texture shouldn’t be loud but must distinctly register when the person holds it in their hand. Hold the card yourself and check how it feels to you.

The possibilities are endless! From translucent futuristic business cards to bio-degradable ones with woodsy texture, you have a plethora of options. Space Print offers diverse options you can check out at: 

Consider your Brand

This step depends a lot on what your business stands for. For your sustainable brand, your business card choice needs to be environmentally friendly. For a technology-driven business, opt for a business card that reflects your business’s inclination for innovation.

  • Think Carefully About the Details

Will it be better to have a background, or will your details look better against a minimal design? Think about these major design details and discuss them with your designer so they have a clear picture of the brand personality.

Once you finalise the kind of message you want your card to communicate, your designer will have a good idea about the direction they need to take.

  • Choose Font, Colour Options

We will say it for the record: Comic Sans is not a professional font. Avoid using Comic Sans even if you are marketing a kids’ brand.  While font and colour options will primarily be the designer’s domain, make sure your final font matches your brand aesthetic, and the colour is visible against the background you decided to go with.

If you opted for a translucent card, make sure your information is organised so that it remains visible no matter what backdrop the card is held against.

  • Think About Your Audience

Like all products, you should keep your target audience in mind when designing your business card. Think about what kind of communication would stand out to them. Are you dealing with senior businesspersons with a traditional approach or with a younger and more energetic crowd? 

Which details do you think will engage the other party? Will adding colour be helpful or distracting? Will including a QR code improve engagement or not? Are they still looking for your fax details, or are those redundant? Finally, what are they expecting your brand to represent?

Going the extra mile here always helps.

  • Storage

Lastly, remember that keeping the cards available at the right time is one of the most crucial parts of this conversation. Carry your business card in a cardholder so they remain organised and in shape. Furthermore, keep them in a convenient location for their storage. 

Wrap Up 

To conclude, your business card is an important asset that you need to put some effort into perfecting. You never know. Your next opportunity might be one successful business card exchange away. 

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