Top 7 AWS Developer Tools You Must Know

The AWS developer tools are designed to help you in storing, building, testing, and deploying your program in a safe manner. These tools facilitate DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery (CI/CD) when used individually or in combination. Go on and read about the top 7 AWS Developer tools.

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AWS Command Line Interface

The AWS Command Line Interface or AWS CLI is a centralized free tool for managing your Amazon Web Services. It allows you to handle a wide range of various AWS services from the command line and automate them using scripts with just one tool to download and configure. Simply download the proper version for your operating system and run the installer to install AWS CLI. This tool is compatible with all current versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and it comes pre-installed on all Amazon Linux AMIs. The latest AWS CLI v2 has involved various new features. It has Improved installers, new configuration options including AWS Single Sign-On (SSO), and many more interactive features. Some benefits of AWS Command Line Interface are mentioned below:

  • Command-line interfaces are frequently easier to use than native APIs
  • Support for both Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt
  • Within 180 days of the service’s introduction, AWS IaaS administration and management functions are available via AWS CLI.
  • Remote terminals, such as PuTTY, can be used to perform commands on EC2 instances.
  • Bash, zsh, and tcsh are all fully supported Linux shells.

AWS Code Commit

AWS Code Commit is a fully managed cloud-based source control service that hosts private Git repositories in a safe environment. It is built on a highly dependable and redundant architecture. In the AWS Cloud Commit, you can securely store and manage assets such as documents, source code, and binary files anonymously. You can also define code quality. CodeCommit allows teams to collaborate on code in a secure, highly scalable environment and eliminates the need for the source system to be set up, managed, and scaled. So with AWS Code Commit, companies receive private repositories that are scalable, and extremely secure.

The benefits of the AWS Code Commit tool are:

  • AWS CodeCommit encrypts your files automatically. So it is highly secure.
  • You may boost the pace and frequency of your development lifecycle by using AWS Code Commit.
  • It works with your existing Git tools and supports all Git commands.
  • It is a fully managed service that automatically scales to match your project’s expanding needs.
  • It’s made to ensure that your repositories are always available and easily accessible.

AWS Code Build

AWS CodeBuild is a cloud-based continuous integration service that is fully managed. CodeBuild scales indefinitely and executes numerous builds at the same time, ensuring that your builds don’t get stuck in a long queue. You can either utilize prepackaged build environments or construct bespoke build environments that employ your own build tools to get started quickly. CodeBuild compiles source code, performs tests, and generates deployable software system packages. You don’t have to provision, manage, or scale your own build servers with CodeBuild. It includes pre-configured build environments for common programming languages as well as build tools like Apache Maven and Gradle. You can also use your own build tools by customizing build environments in CodeBuild.

Some of the top benefits of AWS Code Build are mentioned below:

  • With auto-scaling code building infrastructure, you can build code quickly.
  • Pay just for the construction time you use because it offers a Pay as you go service
  • Bring your own build environments or utilize a ready-to-use system
  • It enables continuous integration and delivery

AWS Code Deploy

The next tool that comes under this top AWS developer list is AWS Code Deploy.  It is a software deployment tool that is fully managed and automates program deployments to various services such as Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and also your on-premises servers. AWS CodeDeploy plays a vital role in making the delivery of new features easier and quickly. It reduces the downtime during application deployment and manages the complexity of application updates.

The main advantages of AWS Code Deploy are as follows:

  • It completely automates the software deployments, allowing you to deploy with confidence and speed.
  • During the software deployment process, AWS CodeDeploy helps you maximize the availability of your application which minimizes downtime.
  • It is centralized control.
  • CodeDeploy does not require the learning of a new language and can be used with any application, including Jenkins, GitHub, and CorePipeline integration.

AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline is a continuous delivery service that is fully managed and assists you in automating your release pipelines for quick and reliable application and infrastructure changes. Based on the release model you set, CodePipeline automates the build, test, and deploy parts of your release process more frequently. This allows you to provide features and upgrades quickly and consistently. It aids in the modeling, visualization, and automation of the software release process. It has a graphical user interface as well as a command-line interface. AWS CodePipeline may be easily integrated with third-party services like GitHub or your own custom plugin.

The benefits of AWS CodePipeline are :

  • AWS CodePipeline offers rapid delivery allowing the companies to provide rapid updates to their users
  • It has a configurable workflow, so we can easily test and run the code.
  • You can get started anytime with the software release process.
  • It is easy to integrate.

AWS Cloud9

AWS Cloud9 is an AWS Developer Tool. It is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that allows you to write, run, and debug code. A code editor, debugger, and terminal are all included. Cloud9 is pre-installed with key tools for popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more, so you don’t have to install files or configure your development workstation to get started with a new project. Because your Cloud9 IDE is cloud-based, you may work on your projects from any internet-connected machine, including your office, home, or anyplace else. It also offers the best smooth development experience for serverless apps, simply by allowing you to define resources, debug, and switch between local and remote execution.

A few advantages of AWS Cloud9 are:

  • Cloud9 enables developers to write, execute, and debug apps using only a browser, eliminating the need to install or maintain a local IDE.
  • Cloud9 makes it simple to collaborate on code. Members of a team can watch each other type in real-time and talk with one another right from the IDE.
  • We can start new projects quickly because it supports almost 40 programming languages.

AWS Cloud Development Kit

AWS Cloud Development Kit is one of the most popular AWS Developer tools. It is an open-source software development platform that can provide your team with a high-level, object-oriented framework for defining cloud application resources in any programming language. You can also use the AWS Construct Library, which is a set of pre-built modules from the firm, to build your AWS architecture without needing to be an expert. AWS CDK uses AWS CloudFormation to provision your resources in a secure and repeatable manner. It also allows you to create and distribute your own unique structures that incorporate your company’s requirements, making it easier to get started on new projects.

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The key benefits of the AWS Cloud Development Kit are:

  • You can easily customize your design and also share it easily with AWS CDK
  • You may use the AWS CDK to develop your cloud application without having to leave your IDE. As a result, there is no context switching.
  • Easier and more speed onboarding with AWS CDK.
  • We can use existing productivity tools and testing frameworks with AWS CDK
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