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Phones and tablets have become an integral part of helping our community when it comes to communication- which is essentially the primary purpose. The usage of tablets and phones includes work, education, entertainment, playing, and much more. Sadly, not everyone can afford a phone or a tablet. This has led several organizations and the Federal Government to provide free phones and Tablets to people eligible for it. Since then, millions of people have benefited from phone offers with free tablets, and it has also promoted digital literacy among them.

As mentioned earlier, there are several organizations from which you can obtain a free phone and Tablet. Over the recent years, the number of organizations offering such services has been on the rise, making it even easier for people to access a free Tablet and phone. The phones and Tablets offered are of high quality despite some of them being refurbished. They also have brand-new ones, but it’s not easy to get one, and it all depends on the organization you go to.

This article aims to give insights into how you can obtain a free Tablet and a phone. We will look at the companies offering such services and the areas they cover. We will Also review the eligibility requirements and a complete guide on how to get a free Tablet. Let’s roll!

Who qualifies for a free phone and a tablet?

Qualification for a free Tablet and phone is always standard in the US, but it may differ slightly depending on the company you are looking to apply to. Here are some factors that may make you qualify for a free Government phone:

i) Income

If the income is below 135% of the Federal Poverty level, you may qualify for a free Government phone. Also, the income may vary with your State if you go to a Federal Authorized company for such services.

ii) Participation in Lifeline program

Lifeline programs work by aiding the needy, and the Federal Government authorizes them. These programs include Food Stamps, Medicaid, Tribal Assistance for the Needy Families, Bureau of Indian Affairs for General Assistance, Veteran’s Pension and survivor’s benefit, Federal public housing Assistance on Section 8, and much more.

iii) Disability

Though it’s not very common, you may qualify for a free phone and Tablet through disability. However, to be on the safe side, it’s better to base yourself on the qualifications mentioned above.

What Tablets and phones are available for free?

The type of phones and Tablets available depends on the company you go to get your device from. Luckily, they all come from well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, ZTE, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, and many more.

You may also have the option to choose a device of your choice, and it will be offered to you if it is available. If not, they will give you a random phone or Tablet.

How to get a free phone and Tablet: a complete guide

Here are the proper steps to take when getting a free phone and Tablet:

Step 1: Choose a company

You must choose a company before you start making an application. It is even better to create a list of maybe five companies to narrow down to one eventually. Consider a company based on your location, eligibility requirements, the Application process, and reviews from beneficiaries.

Step 2: Check if you qualify

After finding a company, check their FAQs section on their website to see if you qualify.  The

Eligibility requirements may be like the ones mentioned earlier in the article. Remember to have an original Tax form or a certificate showing you have participated in the Federal Assistance programs; otherwise, you may not get the free phone and Tablet.

Step 3: Make an application

Once done with step 3, start the application process. Currently, most applications can be made online or by going to the company physically. The application process may vary with your company. Some companies have a tedious process, while in others, it’s easier. So, ensure you read some reviews to learn about the process.

Step 4: Approval

If everything goes well, the company will contact you to let you know you have qualified for the Freephone or Tablet. It may take around 2 to 5 business days to respond to someone’s Application. Once approved, you may collect the phone at the company’s offices or allow them to send it to you via mail.

Step 5: Activation

The activation process varies with each company. Luckily, they always have a manual to help you navigate through the process. If stuck, feel free to contact me, and they will help you.

Which are the best free Tablet and phone companies

Here is a list of the top free Tablet and phone companies:

1) Safelink wireless

This company offers nationwide coverage and offers free phones, tablets, and free cell phone plans. The company utilizes network services from all the four major carriers in the US

2) Access wireless

Access wireless is known for its simple Application process and reliable nationwide coverage. They also have some great Tablets and phones to be offered.

3) Qlink wireless

Qlink is known for its top-notch services regarding offering free phones and Tablets. They also have unlimited texting, 1000 minutes, and 3 GB of data. This company also offers nationwide coverage.

4) Life wireless

Life wireless is a free cell phone provider that has nationwide coverage. They also have other benefits like free talk, text, and data. The allotment varies with the location.

Bottom line

Free Tablets and Phones help millions of people have access to and embrace technology. This article has listed some of the best companies and how you can apply to get a Tablet or phone from them. We have also talked about the eligibility requirements. So, feel free to find a suitable service provider and Apply for a free phone or Tablet today.

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