3 Career Tips You Should Know When Working In The Petroleum Industry

For recent graduates who are exploring different industries, the petroleum industry is one of the most promising and rewarding industries.

It has been said that the oil and gas sector in Canada is expected to look for new employees as the majority of gas and oil professionals in the said country are expected to retire from the workforce. This means that new graduates and professionals are invited to explore their oil careers – an industry that presents itself with tons of potential and growth career-wise.

However, remember that pursuing this industry can often be competitive as well, with different challenges you have to face. While there are different things that you can follow to achieve success, here are some tips from Orion that can help you with your long-term career and success in the petroleum industry:

1. Connect With People (Whenever Necessary and Appropriate)

One of the simplest mistakes newly graduates often make is that they work too hard just to please their seniors and bosses. While this might not be an entirely negative thing overall, remember that you have to build relationships with your co-workers including your boss. Building relationships are better than merely doing things just for the sake of making a good impression.

Treat everyone with courtesy and respect – this won’t just make your life better, but these are two characteristics that can help you advance your career. You have to build relationships and bridge those connections as you network yourself and what you can do in the industry.

Do this for your career and for the good of the company – everything else comes naturally.

2. Understanding How Field Work Goes

Many new and young professionals think that they’re too “big” to be doing field work. The truth is, understanding the work that is performed in the field will give you better success in your career. Most miscommunications happen because some who are working in the corporate field don’t know how it works

Studying what happens in the field doesn’t just help you yield better efficiency and work results, but it is also a great addition to your personal career development. Getting away from your drawing board and desk for a while and seeing how the fieldwork actually operates will give you a better edge when it comes to advancing your career.

You’ll appear and look more competent, while at the same time, you’ll get better feedback and earn the respect of your other team members. You’ll be able to have a clearer picture of how the industry works from the ground up.

3. Look For A Mentor You Can Trust

This is applicable regardless of your industry. A mentor will help you accelerate your career’s progress and growth as they can provide you real-world training, and even help you strengthen your weaknesses and improve your strengths. It’s true that confidence comes with competence and most of which can be achieved with a good mentor-training relationship.

Another reason why you’d want to find a mentor in the petroleum industry is to be able to use them as a reference. When you’ve developed a strong relationship with your mentor, this opens up multiple doors of opportunities waiting for you. The industry pays close attention to a good track record, and your mentor as a reference is an instant ticket to helping you create a good path in your career.

Your mentor will also be offering you valuable career advice, which is one of the benefits of working side by side with someone whom you look up to.

The petroleum industry may feel so overwhelming and complex for you – but don’t be. This is why you have a mentor that can break things easier for you, so you can face almost everything that you’ll face.

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