Business Coaching

What is business coaching?

The permanent search for a good relationship of human capital with its immediate corporate environment has generated for some decades the practice of policies of increasing rapprochement in order to enhance the competitiveness, productivity and labor viability of companies. LeVeon business coaching is the best platform which provides you perfect business coaching and helps you in grow of your business.

Business coaching also called corporate coaching; it refers to a coaching process aimed at the objectives of the organization that hires these services to work with its employees. Corporate coaching can be done to individuals or groups within the company.

A business coach is the one who accompanies an organization to achieve its objectives through the development of its leaders and human resources.

What are its benefits?

Organizations that incorporate business coaching into their culture see sustainable improvements in business-people dynamics and related ratios (communication, productivity, sales, talent retention, motivation, people development, etc.)

Modifying behaviors

The modification of behaviors in managers and managers, to align with the goals of the organization where they work, is the aim pursued by a business coaching process. To do this, a whole series of skills and learning must be promoted.

Modifying behaviors, necessarily also implies working with the individual psychology of the client’s person, understanding the role they play and the organization where they are immersed.

The business coach should also be qualified in human behavior, in addition to the psychology that underlies everything in the group, have a business vision and specific coaching techniques

Consultative-Organizational Model

First, we point out the importance of the business coach including organizational analysis in their work with coaching clients.

It seems obvious; however, in the majority of corporate coaching programs, the organizational aspect is not usually analyzed nor is sufficiently aware of the relevance of the “organization” factor.

Why is the organizational being ignored?

Organizational matters are dispensed with, as client psychology is usually dispensed with, because this requires the business coach to have extensive and long training, as well as experience

For this reason, it is usual to learn coaching methodology focused on what happens within a session between coach and client, what is usually called the “coach’s competencies” and little else.

Business coaching dimensions

I think that, clearly, a business coaching process must include 3 dimensions: the individual of the client’s person, the organizational and group aspect of the company-client, and, finally, reaching the market in which said corporation competes

And this connects directly with a consultative model, where the Human Resources department must be involved, in addition to the business and responsible for the area of ​​the company that demands the coaching process itself externally.

Phases of analysis in the business coaching process

First, it was necessary to set up some previous meetings, to know the global business of the client-company, its organization, its business areas, its objectives, something about its current competitive environment. Framing the organizational context

Second, analyze the roles and levels of the people who were going to be involved: directors, managers and salespeople.

Later, to know what were the tools that Human Resources used to develop talent.

Once the previous phases were completed, it was now possible to start planning the start of the individual sessions and their subsequent evaluation.

All this consulting process is prior to working with the client-coaches in the individual session taking an Organizational Consulting model.

Coaching for Executives

It is of vital relevance when it comes to Coaching for Executives, where the topics to be discussed and the relevance of leadership take on special importance

The Executives are in the strategic. They require a markedly personalized, specific accompaniment focused on their support, by the coach.

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