Different Types of Credit Cards

So now you need a credit card, don’t you? But how will you know which card is best for you? As there is a vast variety of credit cards available, choosing the right one can be a tricky task. But don’t worry, we will help you ease this dilemma ‘cause in this article we have come up with a detailed discussion on each type of credit card along with their uses so that you can easily conclude which card is right for you.

Let’s begin:

Reward Credit Cards

I bet you might have already guessed the purpose of this card by just glancing at its name. Just as its name suggests, reward cards offer you a reward every time you make a purchase through your card. These rewards might be cash, points, or travel perks. So this can be a great choice if you are looking for a card that can reward you back. But remember, these cards often require a good credit score, so make sure you have one.    

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you already have an existing card but with a high-interest rate, and you are looking for some relief in it, then go for balance transfer credit card list on These cards come with a zero% or low introductory rate which means you can transfer your existing credit card debt to this one without paying any interest rate, yet these cards also require a high credit score. 

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Cashback Credit Cards

These may sound like the reward cards, but there is a bit of a difference between the two. While reward card offers you rewards which can be either in the form of cash, points or travel advantages, cashback credit cards, on the other hand, offers you a fixed proportion of cashback on every purchase you make with your card. Which means you can have back a part of what you spent. Fascinating isn’t it? You’ll be required a high to medium score for this one, but not much low.

Business Credit Cards

If you’re worried that your business and personal transactions are all mixing up, then getting a proper business card is the best solution for your problem. Business cards help you manage the everyday expenses and other finances of your business but remember that even though this will be a business-related card, its issue will depend on the credit history of your personal card to make sure you can repay the debt on time or not. 

Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Even so, these cards are not actually the traditional credit cards, yet they can still help you to stay on budget. These cards require a pre-payment deposit before you begin to use your card. Hence you can only use the credit which you deposited earlier and they won’t charge you back. And once your credit ends, you’ll have to make more pre-payments to use the credit. 

0% introductory Rate Cards

Often termed as purchase cards, these cards offer you 0% interest rates on your purchases. But this doesn’t come for free, you’ll have to maintain your timely payments and meet all the terms to keep the interest rate 0. 

Credit Building Cards

Do you want to get better credit cards but your low credit score keeps you from it? Worry not as the credit building cards comes with low credit score and high-interest rates. Thus if you make all the payments on time, these cards can help you build a better score and reach for other good credit offers in the future.

Travel Cards

Are you going to visit other countries? Great. But wait, don’t even think of booking your flights, hotels, and other things with your existing credit cards as they can be really heavy on your pockets. Try going for travel cards, these cards help you cut the costs of flight and hotel booking when you are on the go. Play casino game here for lifetime สมาชิกใหม่ รับเครดิตฟรี ยืนยัน หมายเลขโทรศัพท์2021

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