Golf Destinations: A Guide to the Best Golf Trails in the U.S.

Are you looking to set off on another golfing adventure?

There are so many beautiful golfing trails around the country and it can be very hard to choose between them. Are you looking for a set of links courses, or maybe a parkland golf trail?

Well, no matter what golfing adventure you are gearing up for, we have you covered. Here is your guide to the best golf destinations that you can travel to right now!

1. Legends of Golf Trail 

Some golf trails are renowned for their scenic beauty and some for the quality of their golf courses, but Florida’s Legends of Golf Trail combines both!

As the name suggests, this golfing trail follows some of the courses designed and played by the greats of the sport. It is headlined by The Palmer Course, The Nicklaus Course, and The Watson Course. All of these can be found at Reunion Resort in Florida. 

You will find further courses on this golfing trail and Innisbrook Resort and Hammock Island Resort. 

2. Bobby Jones Trail

Perhaps one of the greatest southern parkland golfing trails is the Bobby Jones trail. Set in the picturesque Parklands of Alabama, this golfing trail is named after the great Robert Trent Jones. 

Taking a golf trip along the Bobby Jones trail will take you to such classic golfing destinations as the Grand National and the Lakewood Club.

3. Oregon Golf Trail

Golf trips don’t get more exciting than the Oregon golf trail. If you want to get away from the ocean, the Oregon golf trail will take you into the mountains for some serious alpine golfing. 

The trail includes such courses as the Juniper, Aspen Lakes, and Jack Nicklaus’ own Pronghorn golf club. Make sure to pack your wind and wet weather gear because the weather can turn bad quickly in the mountains. But it won’t be long before the sun is shining once more!

4. Texas Golf Trail

For combining southern hospitality and a pure golfing experience, golfing trails don’t get much better than the Texas golf trail. This trail is highlighted by the famous Barton Creek course but is backed up by some other stellar sites, including Falconhead and Avery Ranch.

Few golf trails are more beautiful, and few have been played by so many great players!

Golf Trails Are a Personal Choice

When it comes to golf trails, many people are swayed by the prestige of certain courses like Augusta and Pebble Beach. But the key to choosing a good golf trip is to find a trail that suits your tastes for both play and non-golfing activities.

Your golf game might turn for the worse if you are on a PGA course and you’re struggling to get out of the sandtrap

So, choose a trail that suits your own tastes and golfing ability. Once you’ve chosen, make sure you start getting those clubs ready!

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