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Saudi Arabia is one of the most closest countries for those who wants to attend it as a traveller or as a migrant. There were no tourist visas until September 2019. Since this date people around from 50 countries can attend it. So what can we know about this country? Our article is a short summery about this country.

Saudi Arabia is the largest state on the Arabian Peninsula. The capital is Riyadh which is also the fastest city in developing with many skyscrapes for residence and for buisness. For instance the value of KAFD (King Abdullah Financial District) which is new and fast developing financial district that values $25 billion. Crown Prince has started reforms after oil price collapse. Saudi Vision 2030 will extremly change the strict dogmas and rules about religion, tourism and economy. Among vision realisation programs are: Public Investment Fund Program, Housing Program, Douof Al Rahman Program, Fiscal Sustainability Program, Human Capability Development Program, Quality of Life Program, National Transformation Program, Privatisation Program, Health Sector Transformation Program, Financial Sector Development Program, National Industrial Development and Logistic Program. These programs will develop many economical sectors instead of gas and oil industry (Saudis will relieve oil dependency). So what about the strict laws that regulates every life side in this country. Jeddah is attracted city for tourists. Here are the highest fountain and the tallest flag. So people who want to have job in tourism sphere are welcome here. Here some general rules:

  •         The clothes of men and women shold cover sholders and knees in public
  •         Be very attentive with your clothes. It is highly possibility to arrested if you wear something on your body that doesn`t cover it.
  •         Alcohol is totally forbidden
  •         Homosexal or extra-marital sexual relations are punished by the according authorities
  •         It is forbidden to make transgender operation
  •         There are drugs, murder related, terrorism, blasphemy, atheism, apostacy and witchery pnished by the death penalty
  •         Phographing and filming governmental, military or palaces is forbidden. Ther isn`t allowed other people firming
  •         Using drones is prohibited until you got a permission of Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation
  •         You willn`t find a pork (even no pork chips or other pork-contained products). So bring pork there is prohibited
  •         Poker and gambling is prohibited
  •         Nobody should show the signs of love, passion or other affection such as hugs, kisses or even hold the hands
  •         Making barbecue or smoking a Shisha pipe in public is forbidden

And what about professions that are in demand in Saudi Arabia? If you are searching for legal jobs in Saudi Arabia Jeddah please welcome to this page. Here you will find the list of highly-demanded professions that constantly fill with new positions. From the nearest time retail, work in an airport and as a guide is appropriate for women. Our site propose jobs worlwide and have thousands of thankful clients all over the world. Here there are still exist historic district Al Balad where can be seen old buildings where live people Here are some advices for beeing in this there:

  •         You should have llegal personal and jobs documents
  •         It isn`t allowed to have 2 or more passports in this country
  •         You should make a copy of your passport for identification wherever you go

Saudi Arabia has got special сonditions for expats. These people live saparately in special areas. So Saudi Arabia is open for people who wants to work there.

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